Mitsubishi entered the competition with 611-horsepower racing car


Mitsubishi cars have a great demand in different segments. They are passenger cars, urban crossovers, and SUVs. But the company has not passed also the race cars that successfully participate in various competitions.

In early summer, Mitsubishi Motors Corporation presented the updated racing electric car MiEV Evolution III. The car showed its ability at the race in Pikes Peak. The car has increased its power with 68 HP compared with last year’s version of the model.

A racing car has four electric motors, each of which is responsible for one wheel. In sum, these power units give the power of 611 horsepower (450 kW) to it. Last year’s version of the model had a capacity of 543 HP, and in 2012— only 325 HP.

Chassis of Mitsubishi MiEV Evolution III has become easier with the use of modern materials. Designers of the car also improved the aerodynamic performance. In the production of the car, engineers were able to achieve the best performance of downforce, and they installed a new front spoiler. The car has received S-AWC wheel-drive system, due to which car is easier to manage, and it has become much more stable.

At the event, which took place at the end of June, the automaker has put out two new electric cars. They were ruled by the known drivers: Hiroshi Masuoka (winner of «Dakar“») and Pikes Peak (six-time class champion Greg Tracy).

Last year electric cars drivers from Mitsubishi Motors were able to take second and third lines of a record in the table. First place was taken by the car E-Runner, which ran Nobuhiro Tajima.