Mitsubishi Lancer upgraded

A few days ago it was announced that the transfer range is strictly for crossovers and SUV. Management Mitsubishi Lancer sedans and sentenced Lancer Evolution was upgraded. The latter has already bid leaving to the fans of a particular final version, and its popular civilian brother is still waiting for the update before leaving the stage.

As told in an interview with the Australian edition of the Australian Motoring chief marketing, department Mitsubishi Tony Principe sedan facelift prepared a database, which help the model and complete their life cycle. This program will be presented during 2015 and, as stated by the Principe, quite radically change the face of Lancer. In all likelihood, this is a fitting design for the new Lancer design semantic the company called Dynamic Shield, which has already mastered the new Mitsubishi Outlander auto.

It is worth noting that in a sense Lancer had a chance to stretch for at least one generation: the company Mitsubishi has partnered with the Renault-Nissan alliance and intended to release under the name of one of the Lancer sedan Alliance (in particular, they talked about the model of Renault Latitude, which would become a sensation).