The primary rendering of fresh Mitsubishi (model Lancer)

I should accomplish, that all figures are not approved, because it’s just another vision of a free artists. This time the designer Enoch Gonzales made it. The artist offers, what appearance might it be, based on the new corporate strategy concepts of Mitsubishi.

Comparing to a new Mitsubishi “Lancer”, a sedan should appear not earlier than in a year or two. It was planned that on the successor to the Japanese people will work all together with Renault-Nissan Company, but it emerged that the alliance between the two companies is in jeopardy for no doubts. According to recent data, is working on a newest model of Mitsubishi Lancer alone, with no helpers.

Today, we are already available new-shaped SUV Mitsubishi Outlander, which, incidentally, enjoys good demand. Russia will have a new Mitsubishi Pinero Sport at the end of the next year.